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About Us

Paris Orthotics Ltd. is owned by a family which brings three generations of expertise to the design and fabrication of foot orthoses and orthopaedic footwear.

Paris Pedorthic Services

Founded by Stephen Paris in 1986, Paris Orthotics’ Pedorthic Services division creates expert solutions for people suffering from pathologies related to diabetes, arthritis, sport and occupational injuries and other complex foot and ankle problems. Our orthotics, orthopaedic footwear and related solutions are the result of evidence-based research and over 25 years of clinical and technical experience. Physicians and other health care professionals rely on our expertise and trust us to help improve the quality of their patient’s lives. Our principal clinic is at 4th Ave. & Fir St. in Vancouver and we have a satellite location in Surrey. We also provide clinical pedorthic services at SportMed Locations  in Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and Langley.

Paris Orthotics Lab

Our Lab division custom-makes each Paris orthotic for our Pedorthic Services division as well as other foot heath care professionals across Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. We serve a market that demands quality, accuracy and the highest level of technical expertise. From our 20,000 square foot lab in Vancouver, we manufacture a wide range of daily use, sport and pathology specific devices using a combination of traditional “Root” inspired hand craftsmanship and state of the art CAD/CAM automation technology. In addition to custom-made foot orthotics, we offer a variety of related products including The Richie Brace family of custom-made ankle foot orthotics (AFOs), orthopaedic and casual sandals with integrated functional foot orthotics and a range of adult and paediatric prefabricated orthotics.
25th Anniversary
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