Morton's Neuroma
Morton's Neuroma
Compression or pinching of the nerve(s) that run between the narrow space in-between the long bones of the forefoot called metatarsals. Over time, scar tissue can build at the sight of the compression, further narrowing the space and increasing painful compression. Morton’s neuromas typically
result from faulty foot mechanics and can be made worse by pressure from tight-fitting or inadequately supportive footwear.
  • Sharp pain, sometimes intermittent, with tingly numbness in the ball of the foot that worsens with increased physical activity or when wearing tight fitting, narrow or pointy toed shoes
Pedorthic Management
  • Custom orthotics or over-the-counter insoles to improve faulty foot mechanics that include a special pad designed to restore proper alignment of and increase space between the metatarsal bones
  • Properly sized, supportive footwear that are torsionally stable (can’t be folded or twisted easily) and that feature a good “rocker profile” (curved from the ball to tips of the toes), worn both in and out-of-doors
Other Treatments
  • Physical therapy modalities include rest and icing
  • Injections, surgery and other treatment options - please consult your medical doctor for information and/or referral to a podiatrist or other foot and ankle specialist