All Orthotics Are
Not Created Equal -
Understanding the Difference

Many different kinds of in-shoe devices are referred to as “orthotics” (medical term – ORTHOSES). Insoles, arch supports and other ready-made products including “stand on the box” systems that deliver on-the-spot solutions are not custom orthotics. Nor are the orthotic systems that have you walk across a special mat. Despite the colourful pictures, these systems only measure pressure; they do not and cannot capture the unique 3-dimensional shape of your foot.

Custom-Made Prescription Orthotics can only be made after a thorough biomechanical assessment and accurate orthotic design (prescription) using true 3-dimensional impressions of your feet taken by an appropriately qualified foot healthcare professional.

Paris Orthotics’ Pedorthists make many difference types of orthotics for a wide range of conditions and an even wider range of activities. Every foot and foot condition is different and so is every orthotic we make.