Gait Analysis


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Paris Stride Right Gait Lab is a unique and very precise way of looking at how you walk and/or run. Data are collected throughout the gait cycle using digital video and sophisticated in-shoe pressure measurement sensors. Analysis of the data allows the Pedorthist to measure and evaluate aspects of your gait that are invisible to the naked eye, such as pressure and finite timing. By comparing data collected with different conditions i.e.: with and without orthotics (if you wear them), pre- and post-orthotic modifications and/or with different types of footwear, we can identify, measure and evaluate optimal differences.

What Are The Results of Gait Analysis?
You and your referring health care professional will be given a detailed report on significant findings that can include:

  • Opinion on orthotics necessity and any optimal design characteristics.
  • Assessment of current orthotics’ efficacy and any recommendations for modification.
  • Footwear recommendations.
  • Evaluation of leg length difference correction (i.e. lift therapy).
  • Opinion regarding other treatment modalities (i.e. physical therapy).